Graduate Project by Tiancai & Zhang Ziling
(Mar.-Jun. 2017)

Graduation Design Exhibition at Jiangnan University Art Museum
· Article interviewed by The Creators' Project - VICE China
· Selected by Dutch Design Week 2017 · Involved in Power Station of Art 'Emerging Curators Project'

Spongy Furniture Products are graduation design works of Tian Cai and Ziling Zhang. Through the analysis of specific pieces of art, and combining personal interest, we concluded the design concept:Solidity Flowing. Meanwhile, we subjectify the auxiliary materials which are usually ignored in product design in this project.
It aims to break the stereotype of the materials used in furniture products, to explore the behaviour sense of interaction between human and current functions of furniture products, and to try reflecting and updating as well.

旨在 打破对于家居产品材料构成的固有印象;

Photography. Tiancai

Main spongy sofa
Mutiple-pyramid spongy sofa
Column spongy sofa
Stitching-block spongy chair

Products' styling video

Film Director. Tiancai
Director's Assistant. Zhang Ziling
Second Camera. Zou Ziwei
Model. Fu Yaoqin

Photography. Zou Ziwei
Styling. Tiancai
Post production. Tiancai
Model. Fu Yaoqin

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